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11 September 2012 @ 01:27 am
VISUAL VAMP'd UP & 'Unititled YouTube Covers Project'  

"I need to loose weight to fit into my dress..."

First of all, both of these projects will be posted up on youtube. One is a prank video, and the other is a song cover channel.

Okay, so I am not sure if this is seriously going to happen. Let me explain what this video is about. It all started one day at school when I asked my friend what kind of girl he believed was his type. We were outside the math building during passing period, so there were a lot of students walking to and from their classes. (My friend's name is David btw.) Taking advantage of the moment, I asked if any of the girls walking past us were his type. Merely picking out girls didn't seem to work, so he started rating girls from 0-10, ranking high the girls he believed were more-so his type.

>>>[FAST FORWARD]  We continued to rate girls, alongside other friends of hours. Letting you know we are all Asian, minus one friend who is Mexican... make that two Mexican friends (there is a reason why I am bringing up our ethnicities. Also, instead of using the 'typical' "hey dude 12'o clock," "oh yeah bro, she's a 10," we use radians and the squares of 1-10 to rate girls. For example, if there is a girl that was north west of my direction, and I wanted my friends to rate her, I would say "3π/4," and they would respond by saying "oh yeah, rad100.Get it? Simple calculus.

Anyways, so one of our Mexican friends, Edgar, has quite the liking for Asian girls. He seems to have terrible eyesight as well. His standards are: if you're Asian, you are at least a rad49- rad64. David is the opposite. He is Chinese, but he loves Hispanic girls. He was born in raised in Ecuador, South America, so it makes sense that he likes Hispanic girls... So, continuing with Edgar. We've just recently noticed that so long as some of his ratings stay a distance from him, their ratings stay the same, but if they if their truly low by his standards and they come close to him, he shouts in regret and quickly lowers his ratings, proving that his eyes doesn't seem to be on par with his judgments on who he sees as an ideal girl.

Now to the good part. David and I have decided that we might try to dress up as girls on Halloween (just so we have an excuse to pull this prank off,) and get him to rate us while recording the whole event. We've already recorded him telling us that there is no way that he would give us any other rating other than zero, if we weregirls and he was to rate us. Taking up the challenge, we plan to trick him into giving us a decent rating. David says he doesn't want anything below a rad100 xD!

We are only going to do this if we can making really convincing girls, if we end up looking like disgusting trannies, then we are not going to attempt to do the prank. AND, the video is planned to be shot at school, so, this is going to be fun. I can't wait to see my classmate's and professor's reactions. (≧∇≦)/

I'll touch on this in another entry, but to give you an idea of some of the song covers I plan to make include songs from: Anthem Lights, Sam Kang, Hillsong, and other artists and groups. I might make an attempt at Japanese song covers if I can manage to figure out how I would want to arrange the covers instrumental-wise.

Anyways, yeah... been wanting to make YouTube videos and my friends have been motivating me to do, so yeah... Hope to get this started soon. BTW, I will private the VISUAL VAMP'd UP video, unless I manage to properly censor the video so that no one see's Edgar. This prank might be too embarrassing to make, for Edgar that is, so David and I might not do it.
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